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Owner's Message

Alpine Food Storage aims to provide excellent service, helpful advice, and quality long-term and everyday bulk food products. We do our best to provide resources and products for groups, families, and individuals. Our rule-of-thumb is: "Eat what you store. Store what you eat." Our hope is to provide products, tools, and opportunities for our customers to do just that.

Rather than attempting to sell single-use, "now where did I put that" items, pre-manufactured kits, and supposed one-size-fits-all preparedness plans, we work with our customers to customize a plan and a routine that work for them -- one that can be implemented and utilized in everyday living.

Give us a try. We're confident that we can offer you a steady and sound resource for your food storage and food usage needs, which can be shaped to your current life's situation.

Our pricing is low. Our service is high. Hope springs eternal.


11800 No. 6000 W. Highland, Utah 84003. Contact us at: 801-319-9111
Alpine Food Storage

Product List

Here is a list of our current product offerings. Click on a link to learn about a particular product, and to download the applicable order form. Order forms can be emailed, faxed (801-216-4588) or sent by regular mail.

Our Newest Products

16-Grain Pancake Mix
9-Grain Gluten Free Pancake Mix
Clarified Butter---Ghee
Taco Filling
Peachy Foaming Hand Soap
Healthy Hands Instant Hand Sanitizer
Food Storage Cookbooks
Dehydrators and Roaster Ovens
Culinary Herb Seeds in a Can

Ongoing Orders

Basic Food Storage
Bacon in a Can
Butter and Cheese
Canned Meat
Coconut Oil
Dehydrated Potatoes
Freeze Dried Meats
Garden Seeds in a Can
Grain Mills
Maple Island Milk
Organic Blue Agave
Shelf-Stable Milk
Spices, Canned Variety Pack

Seasonal Orders

Bulk Fresh Vegetables(In Season)
Nutty Guys(Now Open)
Frozen Berries(Deadline: Week of Feb. 21)
Pasta (Currently taking orders)
Rice(Taking Orders for Jubilee Rice)
San Francisco Herbs(Still Open)
Fresh Idaho Potatoes (Next Order: August 2010)

***If you live south of Provo, please add yourself to our new Southern Utah/Southern Nevada email list. ***