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Canned Garden Seeds

Canned Garden Seeds Order Form

Enough of you have asked about canned non-hybrid garden seeds that I am opening up an order!



  • 16 Large seed packets
  • 16 Popular, easy-to-grow, garden vegetables
  • Special open pollinated, 100% NON-HYBRID seed selection.
  • Exclusive EZ lock re-sealable, re-useable bags.
  • Triple-layered, foil packets; sealed in a can for extra protection
  • Up to double the quantity of most other competitors:

Each Can Contains:

  • SWEET CORN. Golden Bantam. 5 oz.
  • ONION. Utah Sweet Spanish. 10 g.
  • SPINACH. Bloomsdale Long Standing. 10 g.
  • WINTER SQUASH. Waltham Butternut. 10 g.
  • SQUASH ZUCCHINI. Black Beauty. 10 g.
  • RADISH. Champion. 10 g.
  • TOMATO. Rutgers. 5 g.
  • SWISS CHARD. Lucullus. 10 g.
  • PEA. Lincoln. 10 oz.
  • BEET. Detroit Dark Red. 10 g.
  • CABBAGE. Golden Acre. 10 g.
  • LETTUCE. Barcarolle Romaine. 5 g.
  • CUCUMBER. Marketmore 76. 10 g.
  • CARROT. Scarlet Nantes. 10 g.
  • PEPPER. Yolo Wonder. 5 g.
  • POLE BEAN. Blue Lake. 5 oz.

Totals: 659 grams of Open Pollinated Non-hybrid Vegetable Seed

Price is $35 per can. This includes tax and shipping.


What is the shelf-life on these canned seeds?
The declared shelf-life is 5 years. If, however, the seeds are stored in the freezer, that should double the shelf-life!

How many people will one can feed?
Each can should feed a family of 5 for one season.

Will non-hybrid seeds germinate as efficiently as hybrid seeds?
This company's germination standards are even higher than the Utah State requirements. Most will be in the 90% germination range. The germination percentage of each individual seed will be posted on the package

Just received this comment from one of you about these seeds:
I just wanted to tell you that I planted the Seeds in my greenhouse and they are growing like weeds.  I used too many seeds in each pot. It was like every seed germinated and grew. I planted 36 tomato plants using too many seeds and there are probably 3/4 of the seeds left for another year.

The peppers took a  long time to come up but they all came through. The packaging is remarkable and re-sealable. I'll let you know how the crop does. Just thought you would be interested.

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