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Organic and Eco Farmed Rice

Organic and Eco Farmed Rice Order Form - PDF
Organic and Eco Farmed Rice Order Form - Excel

New on this order: Wild Rice from Minnesota! Wild Rice is not actually a rice, but a grass seed. It is fantastic in that it does not go bad! It has a wonderful nutty flavor, cooks up 4 to 1---so you get twice as much cooked rice per cup of uncooked! We are getting a great deal at $5 per lb as it is usually upwards of $8 per lb!

The other rice on the order form is organic and eco-farmed rice from Lundberg Family Farms located in California.The best place to get information on exactly how this rice is grown and processed is through their website

For a free recipe book from Lundberg Farms, go to:

The appeal of this brown rice is in the way it is processed. Rather than hulling the whole harvest of rice, they put it up in huge temperature controlled rooms where it stays until they have an order for it. Then it is hulled and shipped out. Thus it is very fresh. But they go further! They use a very gentle hulling process that keeps the rice whole (no broken pieces) and doesn't scratch the surface. It is scratches in the surface and broken pieces in other rices that expose the oils in the rice and cause the rice to go rancid. Therefore: THIS BROWN RICE WILL LAST MUCH LONGER WITHOUT GOING RANCID!

Here for your information is the 'lowdown' on each blend that is offered:

Lundberg Jubilee® Rice
(This is the one we have to have 100 bags of in order to place an order! It's my favorite!) For this second order, please state an alternate variety you would like in case we don't get 100 more bags of this ordered!

Pretty and understated, Jubilee® balances a subtle aroma, restrained sweetness and mellow flavors. Add a touch of sophistication to your meal with this festive and colorful blend of Wehani®, Black Japonica™, short and medium grain red rice, short and long grain brown rice and sweet brown rice.

Lundberg Wehani® Rice
Spectacular! Honey-red grains separate for a truly handsome presentation. The distinctive aroma will fill your kitchen with the promise of an irresistible nutty flavor. Beginning with an Indian Basmati-type seed, Lundberg® worked 10 years to perfect this incredible rice.

Lundberg Black Japonica™ Rice
Juicy with a nutty, mushroom-like flavor energized with an exotic sweet spiciness, brought to you exclusively from Lundberg Family Farms®. A good-looking whole grain brown rice blend of short grain black rice and medium grain mahogany rice originates from Japanese seeds.

Lundberg Wild Blend® Rice
Colorful to the eye, delightful texture and full-bodied flavor and aroma all come together in this blend of long grain brown rice, sweet brown rice, Wehani®, Black Japonica™ and select wild rice pieces. Wild Blend® is versatile, so serve it up with hearty meals or subtle seafood dishes.

Lundberg Countrywild® Rice
Want rice that's rich and tasty for your next meal? Put Countrywild® on the table. This outstanding blend of Wehani®, long grain brown rice and Black Japonica™ has plenty of fragrance, color and flavor with an attractive separateness of grain.

Olde World Pilaf

Lundberg® Olde World Pilaf is a combination of Eco-Farmed Gourmet Brown rice, black-eyed peas, lentils and split peas. Brown rice, lentils and peas are all low in fat and sodium, yet high in complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. This unique combination not only forms a complete protein but is a very versatile and colorful dish.

If you would like to have these products shipped or delivered to you, please Contact Us. Kindly include your zip code and the product you are interested in.

To order email me at or download the order form and mail with your check to the address listed above.

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