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gheeClarified Butter---Gheeghee

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Clarified Butter or Ghee: Coming to us from the same company that brings us the Canned Butter and Cheese---now a new amazing product called Ghee! This one requires a little education---at least it did for me!

Here's what the company has on their website mixed in with the info on the can:
Extremely long shelf life! High Quality pure Clarified Butter for cooking and flavor!! Made in the U.S.A.! That's right. . . a premiere gourmet clarified butter that can be easily stored with a long shelf-life and no refrigeration required! (Even after you open it!)

Ghee is ideal for sautéing, braising, pan-frying and deep-frying whenever you want a rich butter-infused flavor. It is packed with flavor, and often 1 tablespoon of ghee will work just as well as four tablespoons of any other cooking oil. Ghee allows for easy cooking with the highest quality and amazing taste while enriching the flavors of both sweet and savory foods. It is the healthy, all-natural, salt-free, lactose-free alternative to hydrogenated oils that clog arteries.

Ghee can be used in any type of cooking. It has an excellent aroma. Having a high burning point, it wont burn or smoke during sauteing or frying food. it can be used during barbecuing or in baking, replacing butter and oils. Because of its delicious flavor it can also be used as a syrup or sauce.

The Clarified Butter / Ghee is made from pure butter in the U.S. under the strictest quality control standards. Ghee is the most common cooking medium used worldwide instead of traditional cooking oils like Olive or Vegetable Oil, and it is actually considered to be healthier than most oils---because you use so much less!

Used by Chefs in leading restaurants.
100% Natural
No Trans Fats
No artificial ingredients or preservatives
Lactose Free
99.95% pure butter concentrate
Rich source of Vitamin A
Aids digestion and nutrient assimilation
High smoking point: 475º
Baked goods will last longer
Reduces the use of butter by 1/3

16 oz can: $9.50
Case of 12 cans: $110

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