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Food Storage Cookbooks

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“I have all of this food storage, but I don’t know what to do with it.“

Sound familiar?

I like the idea of "Eat what you store. Store what you eat."

In an effort to help you learn to 'eat what you store', I have put together a list of cookbooks that are designed to help you use items from your food storage. I have not personally tried all of these cookbooks, but have heard of them in talking to many of you. I do have several of them and enjoy using them.

If there are others that you would like to see included on the list, let me know and I'll see what I can do to get them in bulk.

Using your food storage will not only help you rotate it, but also vastly improve your health and energy level.

Click the photo to view more about each product.

cookbook Emergency Food in a Nutshell by Leslie Probert
Click image for details.

Dehydrating just got easier with the ''How to Dry Foods Cookbook'' by Home Economist Deanna DeLong. Everything you need to know about drying foods is included in this 160-page soft cover book. Lots of recipes, hints, and tips. Includes sections on fruit, fruit leathers, vegetables, herbs & spices, nuts & seeds, meat, and fish. Also covers the history, methods, and equipment for drying.


cookbook The Amazing Wheat Book by LeArta Moulton
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The Amazing Wheat Book is the only up to date guide on getting the most out of your stored wheat. Bulk food storage and low cost meals in times of catastrophe, natural disaster, or just economic hard times has always been important. LeArta makes it easy with delicious heart healthy and wholesome recipes on milling, baking bread, gluten (wheat meat), crackers, breakfast cereals, meatballs, soups, seasonings, and even good for you treats! Contains helpful information on: Milling wheat, nutritional values of wheat, storing and preserving wheat and flour, extracting the starch and bran and much more. Vegetarians will love our alternatives to meats, LeArta shows you how to make: Chicken, Steaks, Meatballs, Meatloaf, Sausage, Hamburgers, an many more ALL OUT OF WHEAT!

About the Author
LeArta Moulton, has hosted radio shows and given hundreds of demonstrations on healthy cooking with wheat for the past 25 years in seminars, workshops and church functions on the uses and benefits of using whole wheat. Those who have tasted her endless variety of health conscious dishes know she is an authority on gluten cooking and seasonings.

The use of natural foods has been part of the author s family tradition. She has dedicated herself to teaching others how to use wheat and grains to their fullest. The Amazing Wheat Book will give you exciting and new insight into using this wholesome grain with fast and easy methods that produce delicious results.

Feeling that every mother has an obligation to do all she can for her family, LeArta is also in demand for her down to earth advice on the use of edible and medicinal herbs.

YOUR PRICE: $15.75

cookbook Mix-A-Meal Cookbook
Click image for details.

You could eat from the recipes in this book all month long and not eat the same thing twice. It's premise is you make 24 mixes and from these mixes you can make 148 great tasting dishes. This is truly a labor-saving book. You can make your mixes one day of the month and use them to make quick meals for the rest of the month.

In addition, this little book shares many tips on how to make the mixes, how to store them, how to make mini-mixes to experiment with, and many other important tips on using dehydrated foods. Its mixes use ingredients that can be taken out of your food storage.

YOUR PRICE: $14.75


cookbook Cookin’ with Home Storage by Vicki Tate
Click image for details.

This book contains over 700 recipes, many of them going back to pioneer times. There is also a generous complement of new recipes. In addition, the author gives numerous helpful old time hints and furnishes many tips on the use and storage of modern foods.
A huge number of these recipes come from people who have already had to survive hard times and know how to do it.

YOUR PRICE: $14.75


cookbook Marlene’s Magic with Food Storage
Click image for details.

Discover how to turn "dry" into Delicious! This book combines gourmet attributes with the very basic: food storage. The author has taken her extraordinary talent for gourmet cooking and has applied it to creating tantalizing dishes from the "food storage" cupboard.

YOUR PRICE: $16.75

cookbook Country Bean Cookbook by Rita Bingham
Click image for details.

One of Country Beans' best features is it's FAST, Fat-Free and GOOD for you recipes made with bean, pea and lentil flours. Most recipes are wheat-free for those allergic to gluten. GF recipe index included.

No more soaking, cooking, simmering, and mashing just to make a bean dip. Now it only takes 5 minutes from start to finish! AND, they're fat-free! Make up your own dry black or pinto bean dip mix and keep it on hand for hungry kids, relatives, or even strangers!

You'll love the almost instant creamy Soups, Sauces and Gravies made in only 3-minutes, using HIDDEN beans, peas or lentils ground to a flour in an ordinary wheat mill. You'll find recipes like creamy "Chicken" Soup and Gravy, creamy Red Lentil Soup, Mexican Bean Gravy, and Vegetable Pasta Sauce.

Yeast and Quick Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Crackers, Muffins, and Chips are more nutritious when bean flours are added. You'll also find great Pancakes, Waffles, and Yeast Breads for the bread machine.

Why use beans? For those just starting to incorporate high fiber foods into a normal "fast food" diet, beans are essential because they slow down the transit time of whole grains and seeds. In plain terms, keep you from or stop you from, having diahrrea! Grains contain insoluble fibers that "go right through you" and beans contain soluble fibers that bind with other foods to keep foods in the body long enough for nutrients to be utilized.

Country Beans contains nearly 400 fast, easy high fiber bean recipes for every meal of the day. This book is guaranteed to change the way you use beans!

YOUR PRICE: $13.75


cookbook Natural Meals In Minutes by Rita Bingham
Click image for details.

Can you cook grains with only 3 minutes of fuel?
This book will show you HOW!
In just 30 minutes, you'll have Meatless Meals you can eat to your heart's content...from Family Fare to Classic Cuisine

Revolutionary new ideas for fast, nutritious meals...guaranteed to change the way you use high-fiber, cholesterol-free GRAINS, LEGUMES, and VEGETABLES.

Nearly every magazine and newspaper is filled with findings of scientists who believe that today's diet of refined and over-processed foods is responsible for our weakened immune systems and most other ailments.

Learn to reduce the risk of heart attacks, cancer and other diseases with low-fat, "save your life" meals in the hundreds of recipes.

YOUR PRICE: $14.75


cookbook Cook'n with Agave
Click image for details.

It's easy to reduce the sugar in your meal and still enjoy your favorite sweets. With Agave Nectar and this CD you can indulge in the mouthwatering recipes such as New York Style Agave Cheesecake, Apricot Glazed Chicken, Butternut Squash Soup, and Warm Chocolate Agave Torte.

There are dozens of desserts, appetizers, main dishes, sauces and salads, plus much more-- enough exciting choices to fill weeknight dinners and special occasion menus for years!

Volcanic Nectar is a natural Agave Nectar sweetener that flourishes in the nutrient rich volcanic soils of Mexico. Agave will excite and captivates the senses. So treat your taste buds to a healthy sweetener coupled with tried and tested recipes on the Cook'n with Agave CD!



cookbook How to Dry Foods Cookbook by Deanna DeLong
Click image for details.

Dehydrating just got easier with the ''How to Dry Foods Cookbook'' by Home Economist Deanna DeLong. Everything you need to know about drying foods is included in this 160-page soft cover book. Lots of recipes, hints, and tips. Includes sections on fruit, fruit leathers, vegetables, herbs & spices, nuts & seeds, meat, and fish. Also covers the history, methods, and equipment for drying.



cookbook Food Drying with an Attitude by Mary T. Bell
Click image for details.

Mary T. Bell has traveled all over North and Central America teaching others the secrets of food drying. Now, her thirty years of food drying experience can be yours in ''Food Drying with an Attitude''. It’s a book for everyone who is looking to eat healthier and cheaper, wishing to expand their dietary horizons, and for those who believe in finding ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

''Food Drying with an Attitude'' encourages readers to use dried foods all year. Vegetarians, hunters, gardeners, fishermen, gourmet cooks, and even fast-food enthusiasts will find inspirational new ways to enjoy their favorite foods.

• Create unique gifts such as mint leaf candy, homemade paper, vegetable wreaths, soap, homemade candles, and potpourri.
• Make dry fruit and vegetable purées—everything from applesauce to thick liquids such as spaghetti sauce and vegetable soup.
• Prepare lightweight, portable dried foods.
• Treat your pets with homemade goodies.
• Integrate dried foods into cooking and baking to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner tastier and healthier.
• Make jerky, fruit roll-ups, herbs, bread, jelly, and much, much more!
• Learn how food dehydrators work.



cookbook Complete Dehydrator Cookbook by Mary Bell
Click image for details.

So you really want to learn to use your Nesco/American Harvest® dehydrator to the fullest? Then this is the book you need! Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cookbook features 100's of recipes and great ideas. It's a 279-page, hard cover book loaded from front to back with information. This is what we use as a reference in our test kitchens! Everything you need to know to make delicious dried snacks, jerkies, fruit leathers, nutritious meals, and potpourri. Even includes pet-healthy recipes for dog and cat treats!



cookbook Just Jerky Cookbook by Mary Bell
Click image for details.

If you love jerky, this is the cookbook for you. Mary Bell's Just Jerky Cookbook features 139 pages of great beef jerky recipes. Just when you thought you knew it all, she comes up with a new idea! Hot or mild, fish or meat, vegetarian or live game, this book covers it all, including complete meal ideas. Soft Cover. Perfect gift idea for the Jerky aficionado in your family! We use it here in our test kitchens.



cookbook18 & 4 Qt Cook Book cookbook 6 & 12 Qt Cook Book
Click image for details.

Keep the great meals coming with the Good Cooking Comes Naturally with Nesco® Cookbook. This 112-page, full-color cookbook was written by famous Nesco® Home Economist Virginia Olson. It features recipes for the 4 & 18 Qt. Roasters, or the 6 and 12 Qt. Roasters. Each features over 100 recipes and baking charts, including sections on roasting, baking, steaming, and cooking. Great for new meal ideas, from main meal entrees to deserts!




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