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Milk--Shelf Stable and Great Tasting

Shelf Stable Milk - Excel
Shelf Stable Milk - PDF

After so many requests from so many of you, we’ve finally been able to get our hands on great, shelf-stable, milk.  This milk comes in 8 oz (1/2 pint)  or 32 oz  (quart) cartons, in cases of 27 and 12 respectively. It is shelf-stable for at least two years (but,you know me,  I figure if you keep it cool, you can probably double that!)  – and it tastes just like milk is supposed to taste. We’ve brought in whole milk, 2%, 1%, and skim, as well as a variety of great flavors like, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, orange and yes, the kids very favorite, rootbeer! 

Additionally, we have whipping cream and half & half.  Their shelf-life is set at  9 months, but again, if kept cool should last longer than that.

Many of you who have traveled around the world will recognize that this is the way that most countries package milk.  It requires NO REFRIGERATION!

These milks are ideal for camping, family reunions, Trek, school lunches, or just a quick snack.  You’ll really be excited at how great they are – and how convenient and fun!

Here’s what we have:

Product Size Price
Whole 12/32 oz. case $12.50
Whole 1/32 oz. single $1.50
2% 12/32 oz. case $12.50
2% 1/32 oz. single $1.50
1% 12/32 oz. case $12.00
1% 1/32 oz. case $1.25
Skim 12/32 oz. case $12.00
Skim 1/32 oz. single $1.25
2% Chocolate 12/32 oz. case $13.00
2% Chocolate 1/32 oz. single $1.75
Whipping Cream 12/32 oz. case $37.50
Whipping Cream 1/32 oz. single $3.50
Half & Half 12/32 oz case $17.00
Half & Half 1/32 oz. Single $2.00
Whole 27/8 oz. case $11.00
2% 27/8 oz. case $11.00
2% Chocolate 27/8 oz. case $12.50
2% Rootbeer 27/8 oz. case $12.50
2% Strawberry 27/8 oz. case $12.50
2% Orange Cream Milk   
27/8 oz. case $12.50
2% Cookies and Cream Milk  27/8 oz. case $12.50
2% Banana Milk  27/8 oz. case $12.50
2% Mango Milk   27/8 oz. case $12.50
2% Vanilla 27/8 oz. case $12.50
Skim Chocolate 27/8 oz. case $12.00
Skim Orange 27/8 oz. case $12.00
Skim Strawberry 27/8 oz. case $12.00
Skim Rootbeer 27/8 oz. case $12.00
Whipping Cream 27/8 oz. case $30.00
Half & Half 27/8 oz. case $15.00

This price includes shipping to my home in Highland!

To order email me at or download the order form and mail with your check to the address listed above.



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