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Bulk Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables in bulk - PDF

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring in fresh-picked vegetables from Northern Idaho. These veggies are picked the night before they are delivered and are driven down during the night to insure optimum freshness.

This is a great opportunity to buy vegetables by the tote and bottle or freeze them at their 'peak of perfection'!

It is important that you come pick up your veggies the same day they are delivered as they are perishable and will store best in your home.

Because these items come from so far away, we will only be able to order if we have a big enough order to make a 16 hour round-trip worthwhile.

The list of available items will change weekly as more and different items ripen.

We tried this two weekends ago with the bush beans and were absolutely thrilled with the wonderful quality of these green beans. Rave Reviews!


Green Beans: Are beautiful ‘Jade’ bush beans. So fresh and tender. Great for canning or Dilly Beans. Will last 1- 2 weeks in cool storage.
Cucumbers: Long and slender. Great for fresh summertime salads. Store in the fridge.
Pickling Cukes: 3”-4” long. Perfect for whole pickles. These will need to be pickled within a few days for optimum freshness.
Slicers: 4”-5” long. Great for making sliced pickles. These are the same as the pickling cukes only larger. They will also be best canned within a few days.
Crook Neck Squash: Yellow, tender. Summer Squash. Great sauteed with zucchini and onions. Refrigerate for best results. Should last close to a week.
Patty Pans: Have the same texture and taste as Summer Squash with a very fun fluted round shape. Yellow and green. Very pretty! They’ll last a little longer than the crook neck.
Sweet Corn: Limited Supply---- We’ll see what they can bring. These are best stored, shucked in a Ziplock bag in the fridge. The husk actually becomes the enemy when storing corn. They should last several days in your fridge.
Yukon Golds and Reds: Early potatoes. These will be ideal for your summer Potato Salads and other favorite recipes. We’ll get more later for winter storage. Keep these in
cool storage out of the sun. They’ll last 5-6 weeks or longer.
Storing Veggies: Vegetables love a cool humid climate. In the refrigerator is ideal. However, if you are storing them out of the fridge, keep them in a well aerated container (laundry basket etc.) and keep a damp cloth or burlap sack over the top. Or, you may ‘mist’ them down several times a day.

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