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Frozen Fruits, Berries, Jam & Seafood from Bithell Farms

Bithell Farms Order Form - PDF
Bithell Farms Order Form - Excel

This is one order where your presence at delivery is mandatory! I have NO freezer space to store these orders! :-) We are ordering individually frozen berries and fruits from Oregon. This order should be delivered towards the end of October.

The fruits and berries are wonderful for smoothies, cobblers, pies, and much more. These come in a 14 lb box. They are individually frozen so it's easy to pull out just a few at a time, or repackage them into smaller freezer storage baggies.

Also available is frozen jam, made with fresh, NOT COOKED, fruit! Fantastically delicious! These are available in cases of 12 1 lb tubs. Or the gift pack has one 10 oz tub each of the six flavors so that you can try them and see what you like for the next order!

In the fall they also add a page offering a wide variety of Fresh (not farmed) seafood from off the Oregon Coast!

The following is a copy of the information offered by the company:

Marion blackberries: These are our most versatile berry, large size and rich in Blackberry flavor.

Red Raspberries: Our Meeker Raspberries are excellent in flavor and are the best we have found for the fresh-frozen Raspberry lover.

Boysenberries: Boysens were developed in California. Our Oregon grown variety is large, plump and delicious.

Blueberries: Oregon Blueberries are very large. Try them with cream and sugar, in pies, cakes, muffins or like candy from the freezer. (See note at bottom with more blueberry info)

Strawberries--Sliced with Sugar: Sugar is added to these sliced berries, 4 parts berry to 1 part sugar, to help preserve the luscious flavor and texture.

Strawberries Whole without Sugar: Whole strawberries without sugar are available.

Loganberries: These flavor rich, large, red, tart Loganberries are a traditional favorite. They make outstandingly delicious jam, jelly and pies.

Red Pie Cherries: They are fantastic, individually quick frozen, pitted, red in color and superior in quality.

Dark Sweet Cherries: They are 'naturally' sweet, pitted, individually quick frozen and ready for eating, sauces, desserts and jam.

Peaches---Sliced: Beautiful IQF Peach slices are picked Firm Ripe primarily for baking and preserves. They are not Soft Ripe, which tend to breakdown when cooked.

Apricot Halves: Each half is individually quick frozen (IQF). They are yellow/orange in color with sweet juicy flesh. A time saver for the apricot lover.

Apples---Peeled and Sliced: Ready to use for your favorite apple recipe. No core, no peels. It's ready when you are.

Red Rhubarb: "Crimson Red" Rhubarb put in individually quick frozen half inch slices, is ready for sauces, pies and cobblers.

Cranberries: These festive red berries are a colorful ingredient in breads, muffins, sauces and pies.

Note on Blueberries and Raspberries: If it's not one thing it's another. Blueberries are projected to be down in price. But raspberries are way up. short crops on the world market in Europe and Chile as well as poor yields in the Northwest have made raspberry availability non existent. Lack of rain and dry weather are responsible.

This price includes shipping to my home in Highland!

To order email me at or download the order form and mail with your check to the address listed above.

11800 No. 6000 W. Highland, Utah 84003. Contact us at: 801-763-5493, 801-361-4933, or 801-319-9111
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